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Site Uploading

Uploading your site to your web host is very easy. Below we explain the steps and also explain how somebody who visits your site actually gets to see your web site.

How Your Web Site Gets Found

Before we discuss how you upload your site to your web hosting account, it is worth to discuss how your site gets found on the web when somebody types in your site name Understanding this will help you transfer domain names to new hosts.

If your hosting company also set up your domain name then they will set up your domain name on their servers and all you will have to do is upload your site to their server. If you registered your domain name separately then you will have to complete an extra step so that your new domain name points to your web hosting account.

You will need to ask your web host what their domain name servers are called (normally there are 2). This will probably be in the welcome email you got after you signed up for the hosting account, or it will be listed in the help/support section of their web site. If you can't find it then email them to ask for the addresses of their domain name servers.

Next, go to the company where you purchased your domain name and log in. There will be an area where you can enter these domain name server addresses. This will then point your domain name to your hosting company. It can take upto 48hrs for these changes to take effect across the web.

All your hosting company needs to know is the name of your domain so they can recognize any requests for your web site and direct it your web space. The next step is to upload your site to your hosting company servers. This is explained below.

Uploading Your Site

Uploading your account is done by using FTP (file transfer protocol) - there are many FTP programs available. A good free one to use is ws_FTP. Download it and it will ask you for the location (your web site name, or use the IP address of your site if the host has told you what it is) then the login name and password. These will all be in your welcome email. Normally a hosting company will be more than happy to help you with this step.

Almost all FTP software works the same way - a list of files on your PC and a list of files on the hosting server. You can then drag and drop the files across. It's that easy. The picture below shows what we mean.

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