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How to make money from bitcoin in Nigeria

Previously on bitcoin: How to buy or sell bitcoin Buy or sell bitcoin here

trading bitcoin in nigeria

Making money from bitcoin arise as a result of volatile nature of the currency. Since its creation, it has been increasing in value in relation to other currencies (dollar, euro, pounds, naira etc). This makes it profitable to:
+ use it as a store of value
+ buy now and sell later
+ trade with it

A look at the history of the currency will clearly affirm the claim of its value increment

Monthly history of bitcoin

The above graph shows the value of Bitcoin from September 2016 to August 2017. For example, in 2017 from June to July there is an increase of 17% and July to August has 46% increase. This indicates the increment in the value of the currency you hold within the month.

Another look at the history for few years ago also indicate the same positive trend.

History of bitcoinr in years

Bitcoin prices are up $100 on the day, having already shot past the $1,100 mark

This is another evidence of the rising nature of bitcoin. Now the value in Naira
Bitcoin value in naira

That’s also showing the trend of Bitcoin increment in relation to naira

Now, How to make money

Having been convinced about the rising nature of bitcoin, you can make money from it by:

  1. Buying and selling: After you register for bitcoin id (bitcoin wallet) register here, you then create bitcoin address (that is what you want to use to receive and or send bitcoin) and finally you fund your account (here). There after, you need to occasionally login to watch how you account (or savings) increase in value in relation to other currencies. Then you decide to sell and make the money.
  2. Secondly, by mining for Bitcoins: This is a process where you use your computer and special Bitcoin mining hardware and software to compete with several other miners to solve some very complex mathematical problems which are used to serve as protection for Bitcoin transactions. If you get lucky and your hardware cracks a problem, you will be rewarded with some bitcoins usually about 25 bitcoins per calculation, you can also form or join groups of people to mine in a pool and then share the bounty according to each team member’s contribution.
  3. Thirdly, Bitcoin can also be used as a store of value: You can buy Bitcoin with your depreciate local currency in order to safe for the future. When you are in need of your money, you can actually convert back to the currency of your choice within 24 hours. You can also make some online shopping with the Bitcoin currency itself.Breaking news: Nigeria’s CBN May Legalise Use of Bitcoin For Transactions

    You can now experiment

    A guy who was skeptical about Bitcoin made experiment with buying and selling Bitcoin. but not after my direct assistance and here is the result below

    Evidence of trial with Bitcoin

    What next?

    Its now your turn to venture into making money from Bitcoin.
    May you need our assistance to buy on your behalf and sell when you desire, call, sms or whatsapp on 09086456832

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