50 automated websites that could earn you for life (2)

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50 automated websites that could earn you for life (2)

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8. Website Buying and selling site
example: http://sedo.com,
There are millions of websites across the globe so as there are millions of website buyers and sellers of websites. This is another trading site where sellers of website listed their site in your site, while prospective buyers of websites browse through your site and buy the one that they need.


  • How you earn from this site: you can charge the sellers before they list their websites on your site. You can charge certain percentage of worth of websites sold by these webmasters. you earn massively from selling space on your site (because people keep coming to your site to search for new website listings). There are so many other earning income opportunities like create a consulting outfit (special services for buyers and sellers of websites.

    + Buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies

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  • Social Media Site example:

    This is money spinning site as the world is going more on social than business. Launching a successful social site is like planting a tree of life.  Just try to create unique activities that will distinct your social site from many others. Let people know you for specific attraction and service.

  • How you earn from this site: I know you might have been to any of the above or other social media sites. Now imagine how they get their income from the sites.
  • Search Engine Site examples include:
    People tend to get to websites or find solutions to their issues through search engines. Search engines shall continue to dominate as long as internet and browsing exists. Having a good search engine is a good source of income.
    How you earn from this site:imagine how Yahoo or Google earn income from search engine. The income there is multi-faceted. The more popular you are, the more money you make. But it is a long term business.
  • Article Submission Site example:
    there are millions of articles on the web, majority of which was listed in these article sites for maximum exposure. The world cannot turn away from learning through article (this is one of them), so having article submission site is a way to everlasting income. In addition that most of the articles are going to have links which directly and indirectly increase your site back-links thereby given you fast traffic and rating opportunity.
    How you earn from this site: You can charge writers before you accept article from them. You can create special places (feature, confirm, rated) in your site which attract additional income for you. All these in addition to selling space in your site for Google, among others.

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  • News site example
    News site is another way of earning constant and continuous income especially that news will always emerge every blessed day. It means a good news site should have the opportunity of attracting constant traffic searching for the latest. You can also categorized your news site as you may deem fit. You may have sports news, family news, entertainment news, politic news etc.

One main issue is you must have the time and personnel to constantly update the site for current news.  Although because of its automation, all you need is to feed the content and you can also use one form of software or the other to ease this task.

How you earn from this site: It is a big source of income from subscription, adverts and other innovative services.

  • Auto responder site example:
    Auto responder sites are another money makings as it deals with marketing, online marketing of sites and goods and services. As long as there is life, marketing or advertising will never seize to be.
    Auto responder by definition is a computer program that automatically returns a pre-written message to anyone who submits e-mail to a particular Internet address, whether an individual or a Web site.
  • How you earn from this site:  Advertisers are charged to make payment based on the package they need. There are also extra services that could fetch a fortune. Adsence banners, mtt banners etc are also source of income.
  • Banner exchange site example
    http://www.1800banners.com www.thebannerexchange.com
    This involves making banner exchange with other website owners, thereby giving them impressions/clicks through your site. How you earn from this site: You as the banner ex-changer, you have certain impressions/clicks from those that give you and give less to those that need the impressions, say ratio 1:0.7, the 0.3 is your gain which you can use or sell to those that cannot exchange banner with you and need impressions/clicks. A big profit website!

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  • A Bitcoin Trading site: Bitcoin (read more about Bitcoin and how to make money from it) involves buying, storing and selling via a platform or website. Owners of such website make money from buying and selling.
    How you earn from this site: you buy at reduced price and sell at higher price. You determine your selling price thereby making your profit margin yourself. Presently the trade volume of Bitcoin is put at billions of dollars and is increasingly being accepted worldwide.
  • Online Automated Airtime and Data Bundle: This is one of the latest means of making passive and even real income. Recharge card and data bundle is next to food in terms of sales most especially as there is astronomical increase in the use of mobile phones for calling and browsing.
  • This type of website is so fascinating that it requires less capital (both starting and running), less manpower, less monitoring and less financial loss risk. This is because everything is automated. Starting from ordering the product, sales and collecting money, everything is automated. The other wonderful part of this business is that the profit margin is far higher compared to manual selling of recharge card especially for data-bundle. click here to get sources of automated airtime and data bundle
    Here are more advantages of this business:
    1. You have many sources of supply, so you can get at the cheapest price.
    2. You determine your selling price.
    3. The profit margin is as high as 20%.
    4. The starting capital (up to when you start selling) is less than N50,000. (read more about automated online airtime recharge and data selling website here)
    How you earn from this site: get your website ready, promote your site (Read here to learn how to promote site like this to quickly break even ). And that’s all, you are into money.
  • Mail us to request for setup information on any of these sites (please write the code number for reference) contact us

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