50 automated websites that could earn you for life

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50 automated websites that could earn you for life (1)

Technology has made life easier than expected, what is remaining is the ability to maximize technology to create wealth for oneself.
There are thousands of websites that are automated (programmed, preset) which you can own and have as additional means of income.

Before going to some of these websites, here are few facts you need to know about these automated websites

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    • They are already automated and programmed: This means they perform routine job on your behalf based on the settings given to it by you. If for example, you send a mail to someone, you may receive instant feedback, telling you that your message has been received. This is automation. The feedback was as a result of presetting given to the email address. If you own any of these automated websites, it means many functions will be performed on your behalf even when you are asleep.
    • They can be run or maintained easily: These sites can be run either as a part time or full time. You can run it without leaving your present job. You can even maintain it from your bedroom, sitting room or office as you do not necessarily need an office for it. You also (as a starter) need no helping hand as most of the settings will be done once and the website does the rest.
    • They are relatively cheap: These websites because of its automation are relatively cheap. Firstly the set up cost is cheap. Maintaining it is also cheap compared to if you were to employ staff to undertake the tasks (that were being performed by the site) for you.
    • A lifetime income: These websites are lifetime income. You continue to reap from it till you decide to sell it. You also continue to earn from it even when you are on sickbed or while on traveling. You also earn from it even after retiring from active service and interestingly the longer the life of a website the better for the site.
    • They do not require special training or skill: One amazing fact about these websites is that they do not require a certain formal education level or a special skill for you to run it. The only skill requires is to be computer literate. In addition, the requirement to start running any of these sites it to have a computer (laptop, desktop, iPad, tablet etc.) and internet connection, with these two you are on the move.

  • It can be maintained on the move: to run any of these sites, you do not (necessarily) need an office or station somewhere. You can run it from your room, place of work, or even in your car on the move. It’s so flexible.

Having any of these automated websites is a means to an end to seeking for jobs or better put, planning for a better later life (retirement). So think of any of these you need to start with and start today.

Also before choosing a type of website to own, you must consider yourself as you can easily excel in your best area of passion and profession. If, for example you love youth, think of sport, job, youth, education or fashion related website. If you have passion for health (or you are a health professional); think of health, gymnastic or such related website.

Who needs these sites

Having any of these automated websites is a means to an end to seeking for jobs or better put, seeking for paid or monthly job. Planning for a better later life (retirement) with good business feasibility report, you can live better life even than in your active service life. Here is a business that is so flexible that you can decide when and how to run it.

Categorically, the following people should give this a priority: Job seekers, undergraduate, students, retired workers, house wives, physically challenged people, working class people, and any category of people seeking for lifetime opportunity with ‘pension benefits for life’.

How you earn from any of the site:
Apart from specific ways of earning form each of the sites, you can earn by selling space in your website (for advert) or place advert codes (google adsence, chitika, etc) on your site. The more people you have in your site, the more you earn.


Here are some of the automated websites:

1. Job Service Sites:(code 01) for example  www.fiverr.com,
having this site makes you an intermediary between service providers and service seekers. Service providers list their service on your site and service seekers seek for the service. Once the service is delivered (mostly online), the transaction ended.

How you earn from this site: you can charge service providers to pay before listing their service or you charge him after he has delivered the service. Fiverr for example earns 20% of the income of a seller. if your sellers make $100 in a day (as a starter), you make $20.


2. Bulk SMS site (code 02) for example www.onetimesms.com, www.smspasture.com Read here how you can create sms site by yourself
If you have this site, people register on your site to be able to send customized bulk SMS message to phone users.
There are big companies, schools etc using bulk SMS for advert and communication. the more customers you have, the more money you make.

how you earn from this site: You buy the sms units at lower price and sell at higher price (trading) and you have a profit margins (as high as 40% G.P)


3. Advert Management site (code 03) for example http://mytrafficthunder.com, http://bidvertiser.com you act as intermediary between advertisers (those that want to advertise through their website) and publishers (owners of websites). Publishers register with you, so also are advertisers. Advertisers request advert while publishers place the advert to appear in their own website.

how you earn from this site: you give certain percentage (as you wish) out of payments made by advertisers to publishers and the difference (as much as 40% G.P) is your own gain. The more advertisers you have, the more the gain.


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4. Forum Site (code 04) for example http://www.nairaland.com, http://nairacow.com, a forum site is a meeting place for people to undertake certain common tasks and the more popular your site, the more people you have on your site.

How you earn from this site: you can charge people to pay before they register on the site or before they make a post. You can also place an advert (sell space for advertisers)


5. Job Creation Site (code 05) for example http://www.jobberman.com, http://www.myjobmag.com, In the world today, one of the most challenging issues is employment opportunity for graduates from secondary and tertiary institutions. Having a job placement site is one way of assisting so many to get job opportunities. Employers place advert of job openings to your site and job seekers browse these jobs to get the best for themselves.

How you earn from this site: You can charge employers of labour before they place job openings. A site (as at February 2014) charge $40 for one job placement. You can also charge job seekers. You earn massively from selling space on your site (because people keep coming to your site to search for jobs)
there are so many other earning income opportunities like create a consulting outfit (writing of CV, resume letter, subscribe, alert, etc.) for job seekers.


6. Directory Sites (code 06) example: mytrafficthunder.com/directory, http://directoryfind.net. Directory sites are mini encyclopedia, almanac, handbook that gathers information about specific item or issue. You can have a directory of many categories or a single category. A single category like football directory, job sites directory or a multiple directory like sport directory that has each sport as a category. You can also have a more complex directory like having a category for art, business; fashion, sport, job etc. and each of these categories also have a sub category like job category having accountancy, administrative, etc.

How you earn from this site: mostly you charge webmasters before they enlist their sites on your directory. you earn massively from selling space on your site (because people keep coming to your site to make new search)


7. Online store (code 07) example: http://aliexpress.com, http://jumia.com.ng, as the name speaks, this is a store, but online. You welcome sellers (mostly non-digital goods) who place their goods on your site; while buyers browse the site to buy goods. Buying from online store are becoming more popular globally. This is largely due to increasing computer (laptop, desktop, tablet, ipad) and internet accessibility.
You may need some helping hands in successfully running this site so as to manually control some important areas of the transactions. This is principally to guide against fraud.

How you earn from this site: you can charge the sellers before they list their goods on your store. You can charge certain percentage of worth of goods sold by these sellers. you earn massively from selling space on your site (because people keep coming to your site to search for items to buy)

** G.P means Gross Profit

Mail us to request for setup information on any of these sites (please write the code number for reference) contact us

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