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There are thousands of customised Bulk SMS site in Nigeria, going through the list, one site that stand out are few. The criteria that now suit you make you determine which among them is your choice.

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cheapest sms in nigeria

For example:

  1. naija4web sms: This sms site is basically built on 1unit to 1 sms page which is also highly automated and user-friendly. The price  range is very low and has 24/4 customer support. It also delivers instantly or schedule as the sender may desire.
    naija4web sms has a fantastic sms reseller platform that enables anyone to:
    + to an sms site owner, reseller
    + free api for resellers
    + next to free SPC/SPB for sms site owners read more here
    + free gsm numbers database where numbers can be generated, read more here
    + best of price and multiple ways of making payment, read more
    + and many more features …
    Get more information or register here
  2. Here are just few of the features that make onetimesms stands out, addition to having the latest sms software including Our free api for resellers.

instant help: 08187256312

Why is the best

v Our messages are delivered instantly

v Designed for Best of Mobile/Desktop Device View

v Cheapest sms (as low as 80k/unit)

r Your messages are delivered to all networks worldwide

c You can set schedule message (i.e sms to be delivered at a determined future time)

d Your unused (remain) SMS in our platform do not get expired

s 24/7 customer care support

s You can transfer/receive SMS from your loved ones

s Our platform accepts all manners of arrangement of numbers (no condition)

d You can create and save phone book

d Online (atm payment and internet transfer) payment made easy

r You can create SMS alert

e Your account is instantly recharged upon payment confirmation

e Generate Nigerian GSM numbers free

e Fantastic frequently asked questions to put you on the track

q and many more…

Sign up now and be among the thousands of customers getting the best

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SMS marketing: Enjoy the latest, fastest, cheapest and most cost-effective form of marketing

Becoming a Bulk SMS reseller is pretty simple, and does not require you to know anything about programming or web design.

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