How to make money from websites, blogs and articles (2)

Go to previous page (part 1) How to make money with your websites, blogs and articles (2) 11. Private Forums While the Internet is populated with free forums, there is also the possibility to create a private one where members need … Continued

How to register for safetoken in Nigeria for free

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Registering for the Safetoken enables you carry out transactions on any web merchant site that has integrated to the Interswitch payment gateway using a One Time Password (OTP) as a second level authentication process in addition to your Card Number, … Continued

The Difference in Helping Hands International

There are over 1001 MLMs and referral programs in the world. But as many as they are, they all pose to be ‘blood sucker’ of the members to the advantage of the few. I have attended so many of these … Continued

How to make money running a site like this

How to make money running a site like this Many people do not know how easy it is to run a site like and be making money even from the confort of your sitting room. Firstly, you are free … Continued

Ten Reasons why you need Internet/Online Banking

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In the world today, there is one thing that is not enough and may not be enough for businessmen and intellectuals, that is time. Time is never a friend of anybody, people say. Hence the need to maximize the use … Continued

17 Brand New Hyundai Car from Helping Hands International

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17 Brand New Hyundai Car from Helping Hands International CALABAR CAR AWARD CEREMONY on SUNDAY, 27TH March, 2016 @ ANCILIA GIRLS COLLEGE, CALABAR ROAD, ADJACENT TO PSYCHIATRIST HOSPITAL, Calabar. Yes, its no more news, as this kind of award ceremony … Continued


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