How to earn from crypto trading

This site shows you how to earn (from now) from crypto-currency related activities. This ranges from trading (buying and selling), investing in trading and earn daily, investing in Initial Coins Offering (ICO), organising training, marketing trading alert etc.

Kindly, take your time to read as you have all that you need here about money making.

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+ Buying and selling of Cryptocurrencies

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+ investing in trading and earn daily

Interestingly, you can invest in already established cryptocurrency trading company like this.

LG Web Concept is a company registered in Nigeria since 2012 (BN 2196867). that has been in marketing, networking, trading and other online businesses for more than 20years. During the earliest reign of networking and FOREX trading, we were fully part of it. So, experience-wise, we have it. Presently, we are still into all these, in addition to Website design, hosting and domain name registration. We also have functioning e-commerce websites among which is an sms site.

This time around, we are fully into cryptocurrency trading. We have the needed software and have created the necessary environment to trade-to-profit. In addition, we have been paying out profits to thousands of our investors.


Your Involvement:

We know many people would like to involved in cryptocurrency trading, but may not be due to: lack of technical-know-how, lack of experience, lack of time, inability to sustain the tension or for other reasons. In view of this, you can still earn massively by being a partner with us. we need you to be part of the our trading and profit sharing method.


How it is done

You invest by buying pack. You can buy as many packs as possible. A pack is $55, which can paid either in Naira or dollar (Bitcoin, electroneum, etherum etc).

Bonus: There is a bonus of one pack for every ten packs bought. The ten packs can be bought at once or as add up.

We declare and pay profit every week to all participants.
The profit to be shared can only be determined at the end of the week, this is because we like to pay you the best while your invested fund is also guaranteed; so it can not be predetermined.


Referral: You are entitled to 5% of the amount of package purchased by anybody referred by you.
The referrer shall be paid once the referee paid for his/her first package.


Withdrawal of profit:

Paying of profit is automatic and does not need any message. The profit is declared and you find it in your account. Unless, you having giving a pending order to accumulate your earnings for you. In such case, participants can request for earnings through SMS, email or any other approved method of communication. The payment shall be paid in 24 hours.


Termination of Interest (invested capital):

This refers to taking back of capital invested alongside accrued profit for the period. Participants’ capital (which has been in investment for more than 30 days) shall be refunded in full, 3 days after receipts of withdrawal information. However, investment that is less than 30 days or with less than 3 days notice shall be refunded up to 80% only and shall also not entitled to any profit within the period.

This company runs a transparent business, so rush now to join its whatsapp group here now (or by sending your WhatsApp number with request to 09086456832) and hear what other investors are saying while you can also air your experience with us.


Wait NO More… Act! Register now: To invest, fill this form to get started.  having issue with the form? send a message to 09086456832 or contact-us


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Group Members:

we give extra bonus for members under the same umbrella (group). A group should make up of 10 members or more.
Benefit: each group member has 20% extra dividend per month. The umbrella body (the group) is also entitled to 5% of all members monthly dividend.
(Note: a group shall loose its group status and benefit if it is less than 10 members at a particular week.)

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