HOW TO PURCHASE PACKS on the apps (step by step):

*NOTE: You must have your payment source verified on COINBASE before it will allow you to purchase. Credit Cards/Debit Cards are quicker to confirm (usually within a day) and will allow INSTANT purchase. Bank accounts usually take a couple of days to confirm and take 4-5 days for your purchase to go through.
1. Open the USI app (after you might have opened usi account) and go to the dashboard. Then to the menu option on the top left.
2. Click BTC packages so it drops the options open. Then click shop.
3. Click the red option for BTC packages.
4. Go to the orange option for purchase over BTC wallet
5. Enter the amount of packs you are purchasing.
6. Copy the amount of the grand total. Also write it down.
7. Leave this screen open, and open the Coinbase app.
8. Go to the menu on the top left, and click on BUY. Be sure BTC is highlighted in the darker blue and your payment method is showing, and that it is showing to deposit in your BTC wallet.
9. On the side that shows BTC, paste the amount of BTC (Bitcoin) you are buying from step 6 above. The amount will automatically fill in on the left showing what that would be in your currency
10. IMPORTANT- If you don’t already have a BTC wallet balance ADD $3 per pack to your side of the currency on the left. (This will cover the fee to send by more than enough, as the fee is roughly $2.) (If you have a balance already in Coinbase that covers that, no need to add more.)
11. Click the “Buy Bitcoin Instantly” at the bottom and confirm on the next screen.
12. Go back to your menu in Coinbase and go to BTC wallet to confirm the amount is there. (You may need to refresh the app.)
13. Click the arrow on the top right of the page. That is the send arrow to send it to USI to earn the returns.
14. Type in the amount you are sending from the USI screen grand total. (Step 6 above) (You can also select “use max” and it will send everything you have in coinbase and anything over your pack amount will go in your available balance on the USI dashboard.)
15. Hit send at the bottom
16. Leave this app open and go back to the USI app.
17. Copy the long wallet code under the timer. (NOTE: If your timer has less than 5 minutes, hit back, then continue again to refresh the page with a new wallet code so the timer doesn’t run out before you finish.)
18. Screenshot your USI window or write down your basket number so you can reference this in your packages to confirm the successful transfer.
19. Go back to the Coinbase app.
20. Paste that code you copied from the USI page where it says email or bitcoin address. Then press send.
21. Go back to the USI app and click the bottom of the page to confirm the purchase.
22. Leave the app open until it confirms the payment was received. Then it will confirm as well. May take 20-30 minutes to confirm. You don’t have to watch it or stay on the page, just don’t close it out completely.

Watch for your packs to show as approved under packages.

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