How to register free for Helping Hands International

This is amazing as Nigerians and others who wish to (join) register for helping hands international can now do so through the intervention of program called ‘Forward together’ initiated and sponsored by LG Web Concept.
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LG Web Concept is an Online and Internet service company registered in Nigeria and has been in operation for close to a decade.

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With “Forward together” initiative, the company has volunteered to sponsor any ten persons who is interested and dedicated to join the HHI program for the good. The company was encouraged by the good work HHI is doing as manifesting in the ordinary Nigerians.

The free signing is open to any first ten Nigerian (or any other national) who qualifies for it. To qualify for the registration,
Firstly: such person must be well versed with full understanding of how hhi works.
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Secondly: Such person will need to talk to two others that are also ready to join HHI and have the money to pay. When such person is equipped with the two new people to register, he/she will communicate with LG Web Concept and the company will instantly register the person free.

Beyond the registration free: The non-payment of the amount of registration fee of $40 (N6,600) is not the only reason why you need to partner with these company. the initiative is given far more benefits to those who embraced it. Do not forget the caption of the initiative: ‘Forward together’.

The main benefit is that there are:


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+ You will quickly be elevated to the next level: This is because immediately we register you (Mr. A) under the last person in our network, you immediately get two referrals that you brought (Mr. B & C). The next person we register (3 people) shall be either you (Mr A) or under any of your two referrals (Mr. B & C). The next person we register shall also elevate you and your two referrals in the same manner. Since we are registering 10 people, we now have 10×3=30 people. Meaning, in addition to the work you and your referrals are doing, you have the elevating support (with about multiples of 30 people) from us to get you faster to the promised land.

Getting ‘togetherness’ support: We can easily support each other morally, logically, and even financially when have issue. this is because the progress of one person from us is the progress of all of us in the team.

So why not team up now and lets sign you up free so we can all move.

We have a plan of three months for any member of our team to be at least in Super Masters Matrix which is the second 2 x 5 matrix, This is what you get at this level:
The matrix bonus paid out in this stage is $3000 breaking down into:
$200 in level 1,
$300 in level 2,
$500 in level 3,
$500 – level 4,
$1500 – level 5 with MATRIX BONUS TOTAL = $3,000.

A total of $3000 is paid out in this stage, and as this is happening your position is automatically changed to occupy the top position of stage4. You will be paid $3000 matrix bonus, while your up-link gets $150 – 5% matching bonus.
Additional Incentives:
+ 1st brand new car (Hyundai)
+ $10,000 Empowerment for 2 people on recommendation ($1000 each) $2,000.
+ 5% Matching Bonus to up-link $150.

Among the beneficiary of this level

Action: The first is to contact us to register your interest so that we can give you a slot out of the ten people we have in plan for the first phase. Contact us here or call, sms or whats-app 09086456832.

Presently, HHI site is down, when they are back we keep you updated


How do we run it

No staff member of LG Web Concept is going to collect money from you in respect of this initiative. Once you are lucky to be among the first ten people we are to sponsor, we agree on a date and time (if you are in Lagos State of Nigeria), we shall meet at the office of HHI and we register you while you also register the two people under yourself instantly.
If you are outside Lagos State, we also agree on data and time, but while you go to any HHI office near you to register yourself and one of the two new members that are registering under you. We shall instantly (after confirmation of that registration) register the second person at almost the same time. So be rest assured NO SCAM!

Still need more help?

never worry, we re ready to give you more s long s it is mutually beneficial.

this time round, we are ready to talk to group of people on your behalf while their registration will still be under you. In essence, combination of any three of them can just pay for two while we pay the remaining one. So call us now on 09086456832 to book talk.

Read what the press and others are saying bout this program at:
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+ Govt urged to partner with HHI
+ HHI pledges to assist government revive the economy
+ Skill and Trades acquisition and entrepreneuship

+ Scholarship opportunity

So what else are you waiting for? if this rear opportunity should slip off you, your conscience may never forgive you

Further more, do not forget to share and tweet this page as you may never know how the benefit comes back to you.

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