ICO, updated lists and how to make money from it

Here are lists of good, profitable and updated pre-ico and ico in sales. the lists is currently and daily updated.


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What is ICO?

ICO is the abbreviation of Initial Coin Offering. It means that someone offers investors some units of a new cryptocurrency or crypto-token in exchange against cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin or Ethereum. Since 2013 ICOs are often used to fund the development of new cryptocurrencies


Making money from ICO

The fastest means of making money now is through ICO, meaning Initial Coin Offer.
The best way I can explain ICO is likened to a newly established company ready to sell primary shares. We all agree that they sell very cheap, because they hav no goodwill (they are not known) then. For example they may sell 1 unit of share at 0.50k. If you decided to buy 10,000 for N5000 and in three months time, the share value increase to N5 each, meaning you now have N50,000 making N45,000 gain within that very short time.

Buying ICO is even far better, easier and more advantageous. For example:

+ you start and finish all the buying and selling of the share in your house/room/office and at your own convenience time.

+ anytime you need your money and want t sell, you do not need to look for buyers as it is automatic. If you decide to sell now and have your cash, within 1 to 2 hours, your money is in your naira account.

+ Because most of the transactions involve the use of Bitcoin and other cyprocurrencies, and these cyprocurrencies increase in value (in relation to dollar), you have double earnings. The first on the appreciation of the share you bought and the second on the appreciation of the currency you use.

+ you do not need much money. As long as you have phone/laptop and internet to browse, you can buy ICO as low as $20 (about N7,000) depending on the ICO you are buying.

+ your investment worth can triple or more within weeks or months. For example if Bitcoin was first sold at $1 per btc in 2009 and today 1 btc is $12,000. Imagine If you had bought 1000 btc then at $1000, meaning you now hav $1,000,000 (about N350,000,000).
A coin was sold at ICO in July 2017 at $1/unit. Now it is $39/unit. Imagine you bought 1,000 units then, you know what it is now.

+ No paying of tax, no government regulations, no seizure of account etc.
There are graphic evidence I can show you if you are interested alongside with more details.
You can WhatsApp me for one on one talk. Things are really happening. Make a move…….

Caution: never forget this is an investment and all businesses involves risk. The biggest risk in this ICO is that after buying of ICO, the company website may disappear or have issues, that may the end of that I investment. But I can tell you, if you buy ICO in 5 companies and 4 disappeared, the only one remaining will pay you all the amount invested within few months.
The caution their is Invest wisely and spread your risk.
Good luck call or whatsapp 09086456843



Latest ICOs in sales:


  1. Yuko coin (get more details and sign up here)
  2. world-mining (get more details, sign up now and receive sign up bonus)
  3. Bitcoin Growth Bot’s Nucleus ICO (sign up now and receive bonus)
  4. Eigencoin get more info
  5. Neoconnect.io/ get more info
  6. Digitcoin.world/ get more info
  7. SFI get more info and register now
  8. lalaworld get more info to register
  9. Goldgate  Get more info and register

more coming soon

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