Making it BIG with Club Advantage

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Making it BIG with Bitclub Advantage


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Meet Bitclub Advantage

BitClub Advantage is a company formed by a team of PROFESSIONAL TRADERS with EXPERTISE in one of the biggest financial markets of today, the CRYPTOCURRENCY. Our focus is to provide our affiliates with daily and constant profits in these markets.


What is Trading?

In Trading, the goal is to make a profit through frequent buying and selling of stocks, commodities, or digital currencies, selling at a higher price than the one you purchased. It is, therefore, a short-term investment.


The Digital Currency is, in most cases, equivalent to the paper money and is exchanged for the goods and services that the individual wishes to acquire. And it allows to create currents of commerce between individuals and companies of all the corners of the globe.

Electronic Money, or Digital Currency, is one of the instruments used in transactions that do not use paper money. Instead, a monetary value is electronically credited or debited.

  • 2008 is born Bitcoin
  • 2009 start of Bitcoin commercialization
  • 2010 10.000 Bitcoin for a pizza
  • 2010 Valor do Bitcoin U$10
  • 2017 Bitcoin exceeds $ 2400


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