A step-by-step guide on proven ways of making it big time as a member of any mlm

A step-by-step guide on proven ways of making it big time as a member of any mlm (part 2)

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you can also download the whole write-up im MS Word or rar document.

There are several advert mediums you can choose from whenever you wish to start publicizing your business:

  1. Newspaper or magazine advert
  2. SMS Advert (onetimesms.com, www.sms.naija4web.com)
  3. Church bulleting or newsletter advert
  4. Trade fair
  5. Sharing Fliers
  6. Banner adverts
  7. Google adverts
  8. Facebook adverts
  9. Websites adverts (mytrafficthunder.com)
  10. Write articles and post on blogs or article directories
  11. Other advert media

(If you signup through us, we shall personally train you on how to go about the aforementioned steps free of charge, because your success is our success)


My strategies for succeeding in MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) business are very simple to follow. I’m going to share them with you one after the other.


Step 1
I study the business very well to have a full understanding about how it works and the products they sell. Business or product information plays a key role in your success in any venture. You cannot claim to be in a business you know nothing about. In the case of HHI, you have no product to buy or sell or any service you need to render, all you need is to do is attend their training to be part of the service they render, which of-course they do on your behalf and free of charge..

Step 2
Prepare presentation report, SMS adverts, newspaper adverts, banner adverts and online pay-per-click adverts and distribute to as many people as possible You would get all the advert samples and reports.

Step 3
 I compiled the email addresses and phones numbers of the people I know. Some of the people receive SMS on recruitment, while others on products. Of course you should know the people on your phone list and contact them one after the other Alternatively, I note down the list of media I would use to reach out to other numerous Nigerians not personally known to me. I use bulk SMS, some local newspapers and magazines, Google adword, facebook advert and free directory adverts, banner, church bulletin, etc.

Step 4
 I send out my short motivating and catchy SMS adverts to my phone list to arouse their interest in my offer and ask them to request for full detail of the business opportunity or product by sending email, visit my website, call or attend my free seminar if they are interested. Alternatively, while using other advert media, I follow the same process of
– sending out catchy advert
– asking people to either visit my website, send email, call or attend free seminar or presentation.

Step 5
 Those that are interested would contact me to get more details on the advert they saw. They do this by visiting my website, sending email, calling or attending my free seminar.

Step 6
In response to their request, I send them a fully detailed presentation of the business in a report (if my ad is on distributorship recruitment). There are three options on how I send this report:
(i)         I send via email,
(ii)        I personal deliver the report to them (if they are close friends or relations) or
(iii)       I give them website where they can download the free report.
(iv)       If it is a seminar, I would orally present the opportunity to them.

Step 7
 They would know what the business opportunity is all about.

Step 8
Interested ones would start. Uninterested ones would ignore the report after reading it …and we all still remain good friends.

You can implement this same simple strategy by compiling the list of your contacts right now. Come on, pick up a pen and start; after that you continue reading.  (All the necessary advert materials and the full report is already packaged for you in this report).



 My marketing strategies include:

  1. Getting a website or blog: where I would market my products nationwide. (lets create one for you)
  2. Print banner on chronic diseases solutions: which I would hang strategically outside my home or office.
  3. Free weekly program seminar: I organize once in a week free seminar where issues would be discussed. This event would be highly publicized.
  4. By giving proposal to friends and relations asking them to help us submit it to their churches, mosque, organisations or Companies.
  5. Advertising online on Google.com, Facebook.com, and other directories like olx.com.ng, tradestable.com, google trader; forums like nairaland.com, etc. Some of these adverts are paid while others are free.
  6. By telling friends and relations about the new products we sell and asking them to recommend us to their friends or relations that have some health challenges.
  7. By advertising on national newspapers and magazines.
  8. By sending SMS to my large phone list advertising different health solutions to them.

 You can make your choices from these marketing strategies mentioned above. Implement them one after the other and see the type of result you would get.

Remember that as a HHI member (to be) or any other mlm, you need to fully understand the marketing plan of the company.


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  1. Thousands of e-mail addresses you can use to start your advert
  2. Thousands of GSM numbers of Nigerians (from us and from GSM number generator)
  3. Free mentoring on affiliate marketing
  4. More of this type of report to assist us move faster and farther (as a team)
  5. Free recruitment of down-lines for you. This is achievable that as we recruit more people they are placed under our last member.

All these are in addition to the benefits you get as a HHI member and even getting free down-lines (if you register through us).

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you can also download the whole write-up im MS Word or rar document.

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