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Binance, is one of the newest cryptocurency trading platforms and also one of the best with latest technology, fund security, lowest trading rate, mobile app, trading and platform tutorial, creative innovations and ….. just
mention it, they have it.


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Though there are so many trading platforms around the globe which include, bitmex, bitfinex, bibox,, bittrex, kucoin, cryptopia, coinmama, cex, furcoins, changelly et, the best rated for 2018 is binance.

if you are new to trading or have been using one platform or the other, if you have not used binance, then, you can’t imagine what you are missing.

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here are few of the reasons why they are chosen as number 1:

1. register now and start trading instantly, that is, no need of KYC (Know your customer) until you have  built your account to 2btc withdrawal per day.


2. Trading App: they have one of the best trading app which enables you to trade on the move, either with iOS, Android.


3. Lowest rate: they have the lowest trading rate (0.1%) or even pay lower (0.05%) if you use their coin, BNB, to make payment for trading. this compared to others with as much as 1% rate, is more than enough reasons to use binance.


4. they have so many coins listed for trading. this include: Lite-coin (LTC) Litecoin, Ethereum (ETH): Ethereum, Zcash (ZEC): Zcash, Dash, Ripple (XRP), Bitcoin, Quark, bnb, binance etc

click here to see Names of Coins (crypto-currencies) and their meaning


5. multi-lingual platform: The platform has many language to which you can switch to your best language


6. Easy deposit and withdrawal: Deposit and withdrawal of fund is in the best, easy way and processed within few hours.

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