Ten Reasons why you need Internet/Online Banking

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In the world today, there is one thing that is not enough and may not be enough for businessmen and intellectuals, that is time. Time is never a friend of anybody, people say. Hence the need to maximize the use of our prestigious 24 hours, which is the maximum time anybody can have on earth.

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I can categorically state that your success (not in monetary terms alone) in the life largely depends on your time management skill. While someone may achieve just one feat in 24 hours, someone else may achieve up to five of the same feat achieve by the first person especially with the aid of ICT related gadgets and opportunities.
When you consider the time you spent to make a cash payment to a bank account for the purpose of transferring money to someone, then a quarter (if not more) of the working hours is under treat; especially if you live in highly populated areas like Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt to mention but a few.

Let’s do a rough estimate of your time usage to send cash to someone. Let’s assume you need to take a bike to and from the bank, you then spend 1hour in a banking hall, then you might have spent an average of 1.5 hour of 12 hours which is 12.5% of the working hours. It simply means you have spent (6.3% of your time +let’s say N100 bike transport). Then shall we not be doing ourselves more favour by approaching a better, safer and fasting means of sending that money.

Anytime you are making cash payment, which can otherwise be done in other ways

You risk losing your cash: You are exposing the money to great danger of losing or theft, which is simply avoidable.

You risk your life: If you are carrying huge amount of money, then you are unnecessarily exposing yourself to danger

Increase your tension: anytime you are in possession of huge amount, you (without knowing it) are increasing your tension

Waste so much time: as can be seen in the above calculation, you may be wasting as much as 7-15% of your daily working hours on a transaction that can be done in ten minutes.

Waste of Resources: To spend N100 on transportation to make cash payment (transfer) of N2,000 to someone’s account is a waste of resources (5% waste)

More convenient: if you decide to use internet banking, for example, you will be sending the money in a more convenient manner without fear or stress.

And more: there are so many other reasons why change of approach to a more convenience way of sending money is needed by most Nigerians.

Have access to your account without limit: Internet banking removes all barriers to access your account. Barriers like distance, location, lack of time,

Opportunity to quick service delivery: Payment made through internet banking is instantly debited and credited. This facilitates quick service delivery. Cash payment may witness delays in posting, thus denying you access to service until the payment is credited.

Internet banking enables you to perform so many other tasks right inside your sitting room or office. Depending on your bank, with most banks you can make fund transfer, check account balance, confirm check, access to account statement, print account statement or receipt of transactions, confirm receipts, top up your call/data card, and so many others.

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