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There are over 1001 MLMs and referral programs in the world. But as many as they are, they all pose to be ‘blood sucker’ of the members to the advantage of the few.

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I have attended so many of these referral and MLM programs without joining any one. this is because i have seen the ‘hidden trouble’ of the program. Click here to read more about Helping Hands International

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Below are some of the reasons why i remain reluctant to join any of these programs:

1. They have physical products for the members to buy and either consume and sell and most of these products are not within the reach of the average Nigerians who live below $1 per day. The effect is that the products demand are low, hence your own success is tied to the amount of sales you are able to make.

2. Most members develop high BP when it is around end of the month. This is because, they need to meet certain target before the end of the month. They also need to buy more products in other to make up for month’s target sales

3. Worst still is that some programs make you lose certain priviledge (or level) if the member is unable to meet the period target.

4. Some programs require you to pay certain amount on monthly basis and failure to do that means great loss

5. You, as a member of one MLM or the other need to seat and see what has been blocking your success at your program.

Here is the difference

This multi-national NGO comes with the difference in that all the above four and any other issues you might have are not in the program of this NGO.

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Here are few things about them and their program

1. Humanitarian Services:

Helping HANDS International renders help and amazing services that touches and empowers lives of members and non-members (less privilege, window, motherless homes and the needy). We believe in helping people to live a better lifestyle, get out of poverty, lack and want. As an organization, we believe in our members and we like to affect lives of others through them, since they are closer to the people around them. It is required of our members to recommend people (the needy, widows, Helpless) for empowerment. By so doing, they become our help partner.

At stage 3- Super Master, every member is required to look into their community and neighborhood and recommend two persons to the organization for life time empowerment. Also at Minister’s stage (Stage 4),members are required to look around them for any motherless home or disabled home, and communicate their contact address to the organization, after which Helping HANDS International will visit these homes for definite touch and empower them.

2. Trade and Skill Acquisition Services: (one of such is coming very soon. for registered members only)

At Helping Hands International, we believe in human capital development and that is why this service attends to skills and trade. As a member, should you desire to acquire additional skills or learn a trade, we would make sure that you have all the resources required for the acquisition. This is our way of helping members to get the right footing in their career, At SUPER MASTER’S stage, members who intend to acquire skill or learn a trade can communicate their intention to the organization, where to learn and which trade or skill to acquire shall be discussed and all necessary arrangement as to the successful completion of such shall be made available by Helping Hands International. It is our ways of empowering people and touching lives.

NOTE; Your stage 3 (super master’s) position is all you need to enjoy this service, it is your privilege as a member, it all done for you FREE of charge. Enjoy it.

3. Asset and Property Support Services:

With this service, members can now enjoy the opportunity of owning a brand new car,home appliances or acquire any properties of their choice. Whatever be your dream assets, H2i will help you to own them in an easy way.
You contribute 30% of the total cost and H2i will help you with the balance of 70% which must be paid up within 12months. An MOU concerning repayment must be signed and agreement strictly adhere to. Weekly, monthly or quarterly repayment plan is allowed, but the amount given must be fully paid up within one year.

Note; This Asset/property support service is only available to members on stage 4 – MINISTER’S stage and above. Remember NO INTEREST, NO COLLATERAL, your stage 4 and above position is what guarantee your access to this support package

4. Financial Empowerment Services:

We believe in touching the lives of our members and as they say, the idle mind is workshop for the devil, We want our members to be actively engaged in gainful economic activities and at the same time flourishing in it; Do you have any financial challenge? or your business has been suffering because of lack of money, may be your dream is to set up a new business or you simply want to expand your existing one, we are here for you, we empower your business, we give helping hands to help you to achieve your dream. Whether you are a Rookie in the business world or a professional, we believe you need more money to fulfill your financial goal and that is where H2i steps in, to help you with an interest FREE Micro loans. Our loan are in categories

Business Loan – Here helping hands Int’l, helps you with a loan to execute that project or business. At the complete cycle of the stage 4 (MINISTER) H2i will help you with an interest free loan of $12,000, the loan must be fully paid up in 12 month depending on the memorandum of understanding reached – H2i allow weekly, monthly or quarterly payment.

Elite club member’s loan – The Elite club is design for members to boost their loan power and worthiness. With Elite loan, you can now enjoy good lifestyle and execute that project in grand style. Over $40,000 Loan is possible. No interest, no collateral, no hassle. This is given at the end of the year or at the completion of the entire 5 stages – ASSOCIATE – PRIME MINISTER depending on which one comes first. Check our FAQ for detail explanation on elite club member’s loan.

5. Scholarship Award Services:

Evidence of trial with BitcoinThis award aims to promote academic excellence and improve skills-base among orphans and the less privileged in our society.

The possibility were endless when you were growing up, one day you wanted to study abroad, the next you wanted to study in the best university in the world. Your dreams were superb, your future through the eyes of a junior scholar, that is Somewhere along the line fate stroked and you lost your sponsor or financier or maybe the reality of life kicked in as a result of your poor background and the feeling that anything was possible started to fade and your dream of a better future may seemingly be gone.

That is where helping hands international steps in to help keep your dream alive, we help you give you these scholarship from your 1st year to when you graduate, we stand by you and see you through school

So what else are you waiting for

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